New Year, New You Podcast: Overcoming Trauma Without Drama!

Podcast Launch Date: January 21, 2018! Mark Your Calendars!

About Your Hosts

Felicia Johnson

Feliicia Johnson is a best selling author, international motivational speaker, child abuse survivor, and life thriver! She was nominated for the "gutsy gals inspire me" award of 201Her best selling novel "Her" was nominated for the Georgia Writers Association author of the year award.

End The Drama Now! 

* Ask Any Question You Want! And Share With Us How We Can Best Serve You This Year???

* Learn How to approach colleagues, friends, and family about Issues related To mental illness

* Understand the difference between PTSD, BPD, and Bipolar Disorder in everyday language

* Feel empowered to help fight the stigma! 

Dr. Jeff Riggenbach 

Jeff Riggenbach, PhD is a best selling author, speaker, trainer and coach in the area of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He has presented in all 50 United States, is on faculty of educational instutes in Canada, Australia, and South Africa, and has helped thousands of individuals overcome backgrounds riddled with traumatic experiences.